Santuario Madonna del Mirteto

A circa 10km dalla "Residenza Alberghiera Italia" si trova il borgo di Ortonovo sul cui colle sorge il santuario della Beata Vergine Addolorata del Mirteto, che domina un panorama unico come la costa ligure e toscana. La storia racconta che nel tardo pomeriggio del 29 luglio 1537 alcune donne del posto, mentre stavano pregando all'interno dell'oratorio, che in seguito sarebbe diventato l'odierno santuario, videro chiaramente scendere sangue vivo dagli occhi della Vergine raffigurata nell'affresco ai piedi del Cristo in croce. Si avvicinarono alla sacra immagine e incredule toccarono le rosse lacrime della Vergine. Ancora oggi si possono notare le loro impronte sul dipinto. Da quel giorno in poi folle di fedeli accorsero sul posto attirate da notizie di grazie e guarigioni che si ottenevano per intercessione della Madonna. Per contenere il sempre più crescente numero di visitatori fu costruito nel 1540 un grande Santuario. Visitatelo, vi troverete di fronte a un'opera mistica che attirerà la vostra attenzione e vi trasmetterà un senso di serenità e beatitudine. Per maggiori informazioni potete visitare il sito internet www.santuariodelmirteto.it 


The historic center of Lucca is fully enclosed within its ancient walls remained intact until today. Its monuments aroused intense emotion and are masterpieces of Romanesque Pisano-Lucchese as the Cathedral dedicated to San Martino, the church of San Michele in Foro, the heart of the city or San Frediano. The same emotion felt by the pilgrims arrived in Lucca along the Via Francigena, as they knelt down in front of the Holy Face, a wood cross, according to tradition, from the Holy Land.

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Pisa, located on the banks of the River Arno and in the past became an important port expanding its dominion as far as Corsica. Its artistic heritage is concentrated in the Piazza del Duomo with its bell tower known throughout the world as the "Leaning Tower", with the Romanesque-Pisan and the Baptistery. Another important monument is the church of Santa Maria della Spina in the embankment. And 'home to an important and oldest university, and it has a civil and military airport connected with the world.

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Florence is an important city of art is at the center of the Italian peninsula, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic, and is crossed by the river Arno. It 'a vibrant city full of industrial and handicraft, theater trade and cultural exchanges, to art and science. Florence keeps an exceptional artistic heritage, marvelous evidence of its aged culture. Cimabue and Giotto, the fathers of Italian painting; Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio, founders of the Renaissance; Botticelli and Uccello, the universal genius of Leonardo and Michelangelo and many other artists more or less known. Their works, with those of many other generations of artists up to the masters of the present century, are gathered in the historic center and the city's many museums: the Uffizi, the painting gallery in the world; the Palatine Gallery, with the paintings of the "golden age"; the Bargello, with the sculptures of the Renaissance; the San Marco Museum, with works by Angelico; the Academy, the Medici appelle the Casa Buonarroti, with the sculptures of Michelangelo; Museums Bardini, Horne, Stibbert, Romano, Corsini, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Cathedral Museum, the Silver, delle Pietre Dure.

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Cove of the wind

The Wind Cave is located in the middle of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps and is one of the most complete European caves. It presents an extraordinary variety of phenomena which are outlined by expert speleological guides. Easy paths allow you to admire the light of the many wonders of the underground world: from the stalactites and stalagmites lives and bright, with lava polychrome alabaster draperies, crystal-brimmed lakes, the underground streams and bizarre forms eroding.

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  • The Residence is 3,5 km. far from Carrara Fiere

    The complex Exhibition "Carrara Fiere", initially known as hosted and still hosts the "Fair Marble Machine", has become home to many important exhibitions. During the stay the reception will be your reference for any need or necessity to make you feel at home... Details

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